Should America make voting mandatory?


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No. There are enough people who are voting without understanding who or what they are voting for. Making it mandatory will just make that worse. I do think civics should be mandatory in all high schools though. That should give those coming up on voting age a better understanding of what thy are voting on.

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America is a land of principles. And forming this would violent the manner of these principles. You have a right to choose to do or not to do something. Such these can't be forced down to American people. People can't and won't take it. And most likely it won't never be considered to happen.

After all, Voting needs a knowledge and an idea of what you doing. As many mentioned, already there's people who might vote without a certain reasons nor a decent idea. You can't let the destiny of a country and the selection of the future leader of a nation be in the hands of people who have no idea of what they doing and why they voting their selected candidate.

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Not at all.  While the ideal would be that all eligible voter would become informed and then vote based on knowledge.  The reality is, if forced, some would just go into the voting booth at pick people without a clue 

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I wouldn't recommend it.

We have mandatory voting in Oz which means that the polling booths are filled not only with people who actually stay abreast of current affairs, but with hordes of people who have no idea why they're voting and no interest.

The result is that we get some very strange election results at times. Far better to allow those people who are interested to be the ones who vote.

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Charles Davis
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How do they handle the JW's in OZ being it is against their religion to be involved in the politics of a nation, including voting for office?
Didge Doo
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I had to Google that, Charles. After each election they are sent a letter asking them to explain why they did not vote and their explanation that they are Jehovah's Witnesses and did not vote for religious reasons is accepted.
Charles Davis
Charles Davis commented
Ahh ok, I know they are not the only group that does not vote for religious reasons, just the largest
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I beleive anybody with a felony should be able to vote and be be able to serve on jury duty lets get some street smart people on these juries instead of cops fireman and teachers

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