Do You Think America Is Wrong On The Voting Of Gina Glockson?


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Daisy Sarma answered
Whether the voting out of Gina Glockson was right or not depends on what the original intent of American Idol was – to recognize the most talented singer, or the most popular singer. There can be a world of difference between the two, especially if there are external factors that become the final determining factor in the win. Specifically in Gina Glockson's case, it was a travesty of justice. Who perpetrated that travesty does not matter. The music world was yet again denied a chance for a good performer to move further on the show. The good thing is that the show, while being a platform for one contestant to win, also becomes a platform for other talented performers to be recognized. What will probably happen is that even if Sanjaya goes on with his hairdo votes right till the end, the bigger star in the larger picture of the music scene as a whole will be Gina Glockson. So what if she did not win American Idol? The people recognize her talent and will appreciate it. Even if Sanjaya wins, his win will be limited to American Idol. He can, thanks to all the negative publicity he has generated, never be the big musical superstar ever. It will be people like Gina Glockson, the originally talented guys who America will root for and popularize beyond the strobe lights of American Idol.

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