Should voting be compulsory?


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Not in my opinion.

As you know, voting is compulsory in Oz and we are fined if we fail to vote. That guarantees a full turn-out on polling day but it also means that an enormous number of people who have no interest in politics, no knowledge of current affairs, no realistic idea of the problems facing the economy are forced to vote when, otherwise, they wouldn't bother. That means they are manipulated by whichever politician has the best TV presence or who throws up the best smoke screen.

Certainly we should all be permitted to vote but compelling everybody to vote can result in some very strange people being elected to parliament.

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Tom  Jackson
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I totally agree.

Some ballot propositions are worded in such a way that if you actually want the proposal to be enacted, you must cast a "No" vote.
Didge Doo
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I've noticed that. They count on the fact that not everybody read them properly.

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