What do you think of the 250+ Americans who joined ISIS?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Traitors, cowards, easily swayed, no backbone and they're scum of the Earth, if you ask me.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I'd gladly tell you my exact thoughts about these miscreant, backstabbing traitors, but Rooster would then have to remove my answer for violation of the site guidelines...

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Oh alright, if you really want my opinion. They should perish. I despise traitors, terrorist, people who kill just because others don't have the same religion. It's pathetic and for a 15 year old, all I can think about when I see on the news "Isis killing Christians a genocide?" is what it'd be like to get payback on them, make them feel the pain those poor innocent souls have felt. I'd say more but you get the gist of my answer: If I had the power and strength, I'd make sure they can't hurt others again.

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Ally Gh answered

I do not separate them from other ISIS members. US government is somehow responsible for the creation of ISIS. You might not believe me but if you google, you will find videos of Clinton admitting that.

ISIS was created to create horror and terror. It has been successful but now it has gone a bit out of control. We are fighting them. Lots of Iranian soldiers have died. I wish the governments of the world would join us on this war. We were the ones accused of supporting terror but in reality we are the only country actually fighting terrorism.

About the Americans joining ISIS I would say they will get what they deserve if we unite against this ISIS thing

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