What's the first "one" or two or three word you associate with Canada or Canadian ? ( just interested in Canadian stereotypes)


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Dear Jaimie,

There is a circular pool and fountain somewhere in British Columbia, prolly on the grounds of a government building in Vancouver, and that is where I waded and splashed...that is my defining memory of Canada, it was such a hot day and I was maybe four years old.

Such a totally wonderful time so I still remember, because when I was four years old that would have been the summer of 1949!

And now in 2016 if I were to characterize Canada in two words, it is "friendly, gracious."

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Jaimie  JT
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Thank you , Virginia :)!
Virginia Lou
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Jaimie here is something I associate with Canada, see what you think?
When I watched CBC News Vancouver 2001-2010, they commemorated the veterans much more than US news. Every anniversary of important battles in WWI, they would run specials and honor the warriors.

I thought it was wonderful, and I learned a great deal because of course the US was usually involved in those same battles.
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Maple leaf, Mounties, Rathkeale.

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Jaimie  JT
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We can't ever forget Joni:) thanks for answering didge;)
Maurice Korvo
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@Jaimie JT... I have to assume you live in Ontario, as they have the OPP. But out west here the Mounties are the police except in the larger cities. No Alberta Provincial Police, :)
Jaimie  JT
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Yes .... I live in Ontario :p
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1. Hockey  2. Mounties  3. Snow  4. Maple syrup

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Jaimie  JT
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Seriously @ tinker bell :) I've never seen a Mountie exept on television and I've lived here all my life :)
Virginia Lou
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Oh Jaimie maybe we are thinking of the same one, it is the Mayerthorpe Tragedy, four officers were killed March 3, 2005.

"This was the worst one-day loss of life for the RCMP[1] and the worst multiple-officer killing in modern Canadian history."
Virginia Lou
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Dear jaimie I have a link for you, Sergeant Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police...his horse Rex, and Yukon King the Wonder Dog. Came on TV started 1955.

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1) friendly 2) hockey 3) maple leaf 4) getting second at the olympics (I put 4 because Americans like to overdo things, and nothing can be in moderation) ūüėČ

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Eh, hoser?

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Mountain Man answered

Wilderness, I'd love to experience it firsthand.

Gordon Lightfoot, he was a great singer/songwriter.

Moosehead Lager, cos I like that better than Molson eh!

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Jaimie  JT
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Love Gordon Lightfoot !!! and I always have moose head beer in my fridge :) not for me cos I'm a wine drinker ... But for company eh :)
Virginia Lou
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Leonard Cohen, kd lang, Anne Murray, Donald Sutherland... seems many wonderful artists come out of Canada
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I can say many words and phrases ;p

Jaimie & Rathkeale

Justin Bieber ! Avril! Elisha Cuthbert ! Leslie Hope! Umm Nickelback! ;p !!! And Kiefer Sutherland!

Hockey - French -Maple Leaf -Snow -Forest -Hiking -Skiing -Clubbing -Wine and Beer -

-Big country -Low population -Deer -Car accident because of Deer --Free driving service on holidays -Some Canadians don't like Americans ;p ? I know know ladies grow independent and are so competitive in work place -Canadians don't involve in world events ? :))) according to Russell Peters Indian-Canadian comedian tho! Tell me if it's truth! Lol!

The last word!!!!!!! Due South! I loved that show!


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Matt Radiance
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It would be so funny to turn out that way!
I guess i'm gonna do as you say my curious side is killing me! but you know! few times the Skype thing happened! and i told my girlfriend this is the story and i just wanna go ahead and see what's the atmosphere, if it's true, a lie or just how further they going. i couldn't believe my girlfriend was thinking about their emotions! she opened my mind to a perspective that i never thought of! she was like whatever they look into when they understand you weren't interested from the first place! they gonna hurt! and i was disagree! i'm like DUH! they look for any guy whoever it is they don't care IF they be true tho!!
And one time i got involved with one of them where the cheeky person whoever it was she was sending me a model's photos (which contain selfies) so it sounds natural but i knew it! "sigh" SOME PEOPLE! you can't never know what kind of people could be out there ;p!
Jaimie  JT
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Just be careful Matt :) anything too good to be true probably is ... Just saying . I've heard horror stories of " girls " luring guys into sending them inappropriate pictures with face in ... Then it turns out to be some dudes from India or some place blackmailing them with pics they've sent ...
Matt Radiance
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Yea i have to watch my steps even when i'm playing fun! one of the other worst things i can imagine is some can use hacking codes or virus files to send over within other formats or communication! anything could be possible! and i have to be careful! agree and will do! :)

But don't be worry I would never ever send anything from my side! at all! i'm not even going to go for these stuff! i got curious as you suggested i got more motivated to just to see how it goes to be!

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