What are some political jobs that enable us to help improve social issues around the world?


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It would be obvious to consider leadership positions such as presidents and prime ministers as likely solutions to this question, but, if you study the nature of politics, politicians themselves don't provide solutions or solve problems. Its not what they do. Most couldn't if they tried. Politicans and their careers are subject to the ebb and flow of society, not so much the inverse. 

Politicians only lend their vote or support (or opposition) to, or coordinate (or block) support for OTHER people's ideas. The actual solving of problems is left to agencies or organizations that more than likely proposed the solution(s) in the first place.

We might consider monarchs, kings or emperors, but they are rare nowadays (which represents real progress), mostly ceremonial figureheads, and precious few ever really resolved any societal problems to any benefit but their own

-Something they have in common with politicians. . 

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Pick the social issue you want to support. Now find a group that supports your position. Go work for them as a lobbyist.

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