Where Can I Find Speeches For Burns Night, Particularly The Reply From The Lassies?


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Please can you help me I am replying on behalf of the Lassies at a "Rotary Club" Burns Night,  I also gave the reply at last years Burns Night so I need something quite different. I would really appreciate it if you could keep it short and punchy!!!
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Lots of places.

Wikipedia lays out the traditional order of things on the night, including some of the traditional "must-recite" poems.

It will look bad if you use someone else's speeches verbatim.  So just look at these as templates; you can lift some of the material, but try not to get it all from the same source.

From, a long but well-referenced Reply to the Toast to the Lassies.

A Reply from the Lassies came from the Royal Thames Yacht Club Burns night, in 2002 that is Bawdry and impassioned!

A sober, gently loving reply more about Burns than to the Laddies, from the USA.

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