Where Can I Find Entertaining Speech Samples?


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There are a number of areas that need to be covered if you wish to make an entertaining speech. Firstly, you need to find an amusing and relevant topic for your speech - you won't get many laughs out of a discussion on inner-city traffic congestion or the environmental threat caused by increasing air travel.

Once you have identified the topic for your speech it's important to carry out some light-hearted research into the subject - if it's not light-hearted and entertaining for you then it's very unlikely that it's going to amuse and engage an audience of strangers.

As well as identifying the topic you should take a look at You Tube, search for comedians and find out how the funniest people on the planet deliver and engage with their audience.
The best comedians can make the thinnest topic stretch a long long way. How do they do that? They may go off at a tangent but by engaging with their audience, picking up replies and delivering that special something they carry their audience with them.

Building a rapport with your audience is essential, from the millions of clips on You Tube you will pick up some tips on how they connect and relax their audience - even the weakest of gags gets a good laugh if the audience are in the mood and almost predicting the punch lines.

Backing up your delivery with the right material is essential. Your own real life observations are invaluable but the best speakers and comedians work hard on their topics to pick up on those sayings and mannerisms that make people sit up and laugh.

Add in the magic ingredient of confidence - believe in yourself and you'll find that the audience is with you and wants to smile and laugh along with your gags.
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If you click here you will find tips on creating a good speech and quotes from famous speakers: Scroll down a bit and you will also come to two model speeches.
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Visit blogs by Toast masters

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