Is today your day? It is April 15th National Tax Day, National Take a Wild Guess Day, National Rubber Eraser Day, National Titanic Remembrance Day, National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, and National Education and Sharing Day .


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Ancient One Profile
Ancient One answered

I'm in for the ham and education.

Joyce Hall Profile
Joyce Hall answered

I'll b glad to take the ham. It sounds delicious.

I want to remember all those people who died because of  the titanic.

Janis Haskell Profile
Janis Haskell answered

I'm pretty much in .... Got a nice tax refund this year, so I can't even gripe about that.  I'll definitely have some of that ham!  :)

Yin And Yang Profile
Yin And Yang answered

Ham! 😝

I'm going to shade under Tigers tree! 😜

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Toni Pauze
Toni Pauze commented
I’m waiting
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
It took me a little longer cuz I thought, why waste the ham? I will give it to Tiger! So I had to turn back around real quick. But I'm on my way! With ham in hand! 😅

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