Who Is The President Of Afghanistan?


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Hamid Karzai (b. 1957) is the current president of Afghanistan. Karzai was initially installed as an 'interim' president of Afghanistan in 2002, after US and NATO forces toppled the Taliban regime following military intervention in the country.

President of Afghanistan- Hamid Karzai Karzai was first elected to the country's highest office in 2004, when he garnered over 55% of the votes in the country's first democratic general election.

Karzai's closest rival was Yunus Qanuni of the Nationalist Party, who came a distant second with just over 16% of the votes.

Hamid Karzai is known in the western world for his moderate, pro-western policies and his excellent spoken English. He received a post-secondary degree in political science and attended university in India.

Karzai reelection and the future Karzai was re-elected as president in 2009, despite his soaring unpopularity. He was blamed for much of the corruption that consumed Afghanistan following western military intervention, and he was also critcized for allowing a 'neo-Taliban' element to develop under his watch. The heroin and poppy trade in Afghanistan also boomed during his tenure.

Looking to the future, Karzai is faced with the challenging task of overseeing a transitional period - as Afghan military forces prepare to take responsibility for policing the country, (a role previously carried out by UN and NATO forces).

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