Why Did The Europeans Go To The Congo?


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Congo is the second-largest rainforest in the world after Amazon. It was a republic in central Africa. It gained independence from Belgium in the year 1960. It is also the third largest country in the continent of Africa. It was formerly known as Zaire and now is known as DRC i.e. Democratic Republic of Congo. This place is rich in natural resources.    This was the very reason for Europe's interest in Congo and its affairs. Europe wanted to make use of Congo's natural resources which included fertile land, minerals, diamonds, ivory, gold and other precious things. This lured the European countries to Congo and they exploited this place because the people here were not so advanced. They shipped away the minerals to the international market and earned quite a lot while Congo itself did not get any credit for it. It is still a developing country and has many unresolved conflicts within itself.

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