What Did Alexander The Great Do?


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Alexander also known as 'Alexander the Great' he did what no living man could achieve before him, or even after his death. Alexander was known as Alexander the Great because he was successful in conquering more than half of the world. Alexander had conquered so many kingdoms, no human could even possibly think about it. Alexander was born in Pella in Macedonia. He was the son of King Philip II of Macedon and the king's fourth wife 'Olympias'.

It is believed that Olympias was impregnated not by Philip, but by the Greek god 'Zeus Ammon'.

Alexander it is said died of either typhoid or malaria or just fever. At that time these diseases were rampant in ancient Babylon. However other sources say that he was assassinated by some method of poisoning.
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Alexander the Great became a great ruler because he took over four different countries and territories, ruling over 1,000,000 square miles of land
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Alexander the Great: Greatly impressed persian diplomats at the age of 7 by asking logistical questions one might expect from a grown king planning his campaign, as if he already then planned to conqueor them.  He tamed the Legendary Horse Bucephalus at age 13 that no one else managed to do before him.  Alexander was tutored by one of history's greatest thinkers: Aristotle.  Alexander became regent at age 16 and commanded his first campaign successfully and nameing a city after himself.  At age 18 he commanded the cavalry at the battle of Chaeronea (one of the ancient world's most decisive) his charges completly routed the enemy, he went personally for the 300 undefeated Sacred band of Thebes, utterly defeating and destroying them.  At age 20 he became King of Macedon, the Illyrians rebelled, Alexander went on a true Blitz Krieg, his campaign was so fast the enemy never got breathing room to prepare for his advances, meanwhile rumors were saying he was dead back in central greece, Thebes rebelled, killed the macedonian garrison and prepared for war, Alexander came back so fast the Thebens stood no chance, he raised the city to the ground and sold the people as slaves, as and example.  From the Illyrian campaign he took a large part of their army into his own, thereby increasing his force and securing his northern border for the comming campaign into persia.  Alexander was now Commander in chief of all Greece except Sparta, like his Father had been before him.  He defeated the Persians at Granicus, he solved the Gordian Knot, He visited his forefather Achilles tomb, and took his shield with him on his campaign into asia, he liberated Greek cities on persian soil, took the city of Halicarnassus by siege, defeated King of Kings Darius III and his massive army numbering 6 times that of Alexanders at the battle of Issus.  He took the fortified Island of Tyre winning a naval battle he personally comanded in the process, the siege of Tyre is one of History's greatest feats. He took Gaza by siege, most cities did not resist.  He went to Egypt where they happily took him in and made him Pharaoh of all Egypt and proclaimed him son of Zeus Ammon.  The Battle of Gaugamela between Alexander and Darius is perhaps history's most impressive.  Darius outnumbers Alexander in every Apartment including their speciality: The Cavalry, of every kind 34.000 of them against Alexander's 7.000, Darius got perhaps a Force of 250.000 against Alexander's 47.000.  It's 5 to 1, but thats not the only thing that makes this battle so impressive it's the fact that Alexander meets this army on their chosen ground, a huge flat open terrain, perfect for the persian Army, Alexander uses the double line for the first time in military history, his hole formation has never been seen before, and his tactics Genius!!! Alexander wins againt all ods.  Other armies have defeated 5 to 1 ratio's but not on the enemy's terms, allways by occupying superior ground whice limits a huge army, and the difrences is HUGE!!! There so much more to write and tell of Alexander but I'll finish with a few lines: He was undefeated in battle, wounded 11 times of all kinds of wepons, he was the greatest warrior of his time personally perhaps killing several hundred armed men in combat.  First man up the walls of a siege, often the first man to hit the enemy, Fearless in combat, one of the bravest men who ever lived, arguably the greatest commander of all times, he is the most successful General of all times.  There's Alexander the Great! And everyone below him.  Nothing is impossible for him who will try - Alexander the Great.
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Among other things, Alexander the Great conquered the Achaemenid Empire - which, at its height, had controlled more than 40% of the world's population.

Although Alexander conquered it, he was a big fan of its founder, Cyrus the Great (in fact, when Cyrus' tomb was vandalised, it was Alexander who ordered its restoration).

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Alexander was a mean man. He could have remained in Macedonia and as its king, made it a wonderful place for people to live. Instead, he formed a large army and took off across the globe killing hundreds of thousands of people and destroying empires to quench his unquenchable thirst for power. He was a brute and a punk. Despicable.

Alexander was not great except that he was a great butcher of innocent people. He died in debauchery in his early thirties. Good. Not soon enough.

His generals immediately killed all his children. Good. That bad seed line ended right there.
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He ruled most of eurpe and asia he ruled from rome to india he was a very young ruler who wanted to rule coast to coast and make rome the biggest empire in the known world witch he accomplished
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No! Maria, Alexander Ruled from Greece to India, he wasent a Roman but a Greek, born out of the union of the greek kingdoms of Macedon and Epirus. He wanted everlasting glory and to spread greek culture to the world.
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I never said he was roman and he was macedonian not Greek and he did rule Rome for a short while
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Alexander was a great MACEDONIAN!
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He conquered many cities

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