What Are The Disadvantages Of Joining The European Union For England?


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There are many disadvantages of England fully-integrating into the European Union.

One of the many ones is the fact that England will loose their sovereignty.
Basically this means that they will loose their right to make law which takes president over any other in their country. By joining the European Union you have to abide by European law - it takes president over any other. This is a disadvantage as what benefits one country may not benefit another as every country has different values and interests in their culture and structure.

Another disadvantage is the fact that currently the British pound Sterling is a lot stronger then the European currency (Euros). By joining the European Union, England would have to give up the pound - which could have financial implications.

England is a strong country and independent - it is a very successful country with a strong currency. It makes its own laws and has complete control over itself. Joining the European Union will cause the country to loose its control and have to abide by European ways whether they like it or not.

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