What Were The Problems Faced By Pakistan At Partition Time?


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It didn't come as a surprise to anyone that at the time of partition, the majority of problems faced by Pakistan had something or the other to do with India.

The first problem was about the division of resources. India was in obvious advantage with the excuse of its 'greater size'. The 750 million promised sum of money which should have come to Pakistan was cut down by India and Pakistan only received a paltry sum of 200 million. It was only due to Gandhi's hunger strike that coerced Nehru to send 700 million to Pakistan. Still 50 million wasn't given, which was Pakistan's due share. The same case was with the distribution of arms and ammunitions and other things.

The second problem dealt with the canal water issue. Once again India had blocked the supply of water to Pakistan and only complied when the United Nations intervened to solve the problem.

The third and most important problem was that of refugees who had come to Pakistan from India, homeless and without any monetary support. The same was the case with Hindus and Sikhs who had migrated to India from Pakistan.

The last and most crucial problem was that of the state of Kashmir. At the time of partition, all states were given the free choice to join India or Pakistan. Nevertheless the ruler of Kashmir who was a Hindu didn't pay any attention to the majority consent of the Kashmiris and instead joined with India. The Hindu Dogra raja of Kashmir instead started forcing Muslim Kashmiris out of the state. A mujahideen force decided to overthrow the Hindu ruler. Overnight, Kashmir acceded to Inida against the wishes of its people. The Indian army was immediately sent to the help of the ruler of Kashmir. The matter was referred to UNO, which decided on a plebiscite. It remains unimplemented to this date.
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