What Is Your Opinion Of Anne Frank?


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The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most important pieces of Holocaust literature.

By keeping a journal, the young Anne Frank did a great service to future generations. She recorded the life of a Jewish family in the Netherlands facing Nazi persecution, and gave insight into the horrors that people of the time had to go through.

For this, my opinion of her is that she was brave, intelligent and inspirational.

Why is Anne Frank's diary important?

Anne Frank's diary serves not only as a powerful piece of literature, but also as a testimony that adds to the historical record.

Historians rely on such first-hand recollections and memoirs when they study the past.

The fact that a thirteen-year-old girl such as Anne kept such a detailed, thoughtful and organized diary is truly remarkable and it speaks to her intelligence.

Why did Anne Frank write a diary?

Anne Frank wrote her diary for much the same reason that most teenage girls write in a diary: She was venting her fears and frustrations, and contemplating her everyday life. She was given the diary as a present from her parents in 1942, and named it Kitty.

Through her diary writing, Anne Frank was in many ways her own counsellor in a time of great suffering and tribulation. She realized that writing down her thoughts and feelings could help her cope with the anxiety of the war and Nazi persecution. In an entry dated 12 June, 1942, Anne wrote that her journal would serve as a "great support and comfort."

Reading through Anne's entries, it becomes evident that she was a very smart and mature girl, despite her very young age.

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