What Are Bill Clinton's Religious Beliefs?


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Bill Clinton is a Christian. He belongs specifically to the Baptist Church within Christianity. It's not very hard to see why the President is a Baptist. It is the second largest sect of Christianity within the United States with a notable presence in the Southern United States. The only church with greater number of followers is the Roman Catholic Church.

The wife of President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, is a follower of the Methodist movement; a protestant Christian sect. Both the President and his wife appear to be pretty liberal in their religious beliefs or believe in the salvation of Christ to a great extent; people site the indiscretions of the President and the forgiving nature of his wife as proof of this.

As opposed to the Catholic Church the Baptist church is neither very centrally structured and neither does it contain a similar rigid structure of hierarchy. The belief of Baptist is that a follower of Christ should be, as public display of faith, immersed in water.

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