Why Did So Many Jamestown Colonist Die Of Indian Problems?


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Intro- Jamestown, Virginia was once a beautiful landmark of tranquility and peace in early America. That was before the English colonists settled in Jamestown, thinking the Indians would befriend them. We know that the settlers eventually died, but the big question is HOW. Obvious reasons were drought and famine, waste in the water, and the conflict between the Englishmen and the Indians.

Waste in the water- One reason was the water. Everyone had to put their waste somewhere and with the humid and hot weather, the water was very refreshing at times. Not knowing about this, the Englishmen drank the water freely, but soon more and more men became sick not considering this reason. Also, the Chesapeake Bay being salt water caused dehydration and salt water intrusion which put in a good percent of the reason for the Englishmen to die.

Drought and famine- Another good reason was no food supply. The Englishmen, not thinking, thought that the Indians would happily supply them with food but when they realized they didn't like them on their land, they needed to find a way to get food and water. The first few months weren't bad because they had supply, but when they ran dry they didn't know what to do. The Englishmen planted crops but with no rain and the infected salt water, crops didn't crow.

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