What Was "The Final Solution" In The Holocaust?


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The final solution was about how the Nazi didnt like the jews so they sent them to the concentration camp. The consintration camp was mainly a death camp only a few people survied nd not in mint condition. The SS Officers threw these jews in these big tanks nd killed them to death or worked them  to death. Half the time they wouldnt even get fed they would starve some nights or even 5-10 days with out food nor water. It wasnt a great expirence for even the kids, babies getting thrown up in the air nd getting shot from machine guns. It was dread full but bless all the people that lived
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It was the extermination, or killing of all the Jews through-out Europe, also known as the answer to the Jewish Question. This solution however also included not only Jews but the  Mentally Ill, homosexuals, Gypsies and disabled people. Hitler believed  the only pure race was the Aryan race.

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