What Is Pearl Harbor Like Today?


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Pearl Harbor is a historical site, as well as a Memorial for many American servicemen. It was a strategic point for the US. Navy prior to it being bombed. On December 7th 1941, the Japanese carried out waves of unexpected attacks on the US Navy’s base in Pearl Harbor, sinking four battle ships belonging to the US Navy, and damaging 12 others. Loss of life was at 2,402 personnel with over 1,300 wounded; this attack drew America into a World War. Today, Pearl Harbor ranks as one of the most visited sites in Hawaii; it is frequented by Americans and foreign tourists alike. 

In 2008, President George W. Bush established the ‘World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument’ by executive order, this in-turn added nine sites to the U.S’ national heritage of monuments, six of these are located in Pearl Harbor, these include: The USS Arizona Memorial and Visitor Center, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, the USS Utah Memorial, Six Chief Petty Officer Bungalows on Ford Island and Mooring Quays F6, F7, and F8, which make up the parts of the Battleship Row.

Though all sites at Pearl Harbor draw huge numbers of tourists every year, the most renowned is the USS Arizona, it was established in 1958 by President Dwight Eisenhower, today, visitors may enjoy arrays free amenities 7 days a week (excluding three national holidays). Tourists get to watch a documentary on the attack, speak to survivors, view exhibits, walk the memorial grounds, buy literature on the consequent war, and explore Arizona Memorial on a Navy shuttle boat.

Over a million visitors visit Pearl Harbor every year and Pearl Harbor’s sites, Memorials and historical documents help to preserve the Harbor’s history; it holds the memories of the past in the minds of the ‘present’ while educating the general public all at the same time.

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