What Are Main Issues These Days In Pakistan?


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Well there are numerous problems that Pakistan is facing currently.The problems that clearly stand out from the rest are that the price of all goods including oil is increasing day by day and common people are dying due to them not being able to buy food.Secondly the judges that were sacked by President Musharraf want to be restored back to their original positions.The current government under the new Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is sorting out a plan to restore them but different parties and the judges themselves are of the view that the governments intentions are not satisfactory.Furthermore the tribal area which is known as Swat has been overrun by militants and terrorists,Pakistan also faces opposition from Afghanistan and the U.S that Pakistan is not doing their best to contain terrorists in their region.These are some of the main problems plaguing the country.
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1- terrorism
2- judges reinstatement issue
3- high inflation
4- talibanization
5- operation in the tribal areas against extremists
6- complete mistrust of the US
7- no cricket due to hypocrisy of western countries especially australlia

but still Pakistani people are going strong and will come out on top Inshallah.

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The bad impact of cable T.V channels

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