What Is The Population In Your Country And Name Your Country Too?


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Bout 310,000,000 in america
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I'm guessing 426 million and changing daily-the united states of of america.
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Scotland about 5,000,000 people.
The UK has about 60,000,000 people
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21 and a half million people in Australia!
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I live in New Mexico. The population is 2,009,671 people.
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Hey there from Canada! Our total population is about 32,000,000 (2006 census says: 31,241,030).
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I Live In  In The USA And Around 300 Million.. I Think That's Wacky Because It's Small Compared To  China..
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China has approximately 1 Billion more people than the U.S.. The latest estimate is 1Billion 300 million. The total population of their two biggest cities equals more than the entire state of California - Shanghi and Bejing
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Yarnlady.. Imagine If All Those People Used The Shower At
Once.. Or Lined Up To Fill The Gas Tank At Once..? Do They Ever Have Any Privacy At All? Just Curious China Is Much Bigger Than The USA Right? But That's An Astounding Amount Of People. My Mind Can't Even Get Around 800 Million.. These People All Live In Houses.. Where Can They Put These Houses For That Many People.. I Guess With The USA At 300 Million This Number Is Unreal..
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Many Chinese live in small houses unlike the U.S.A..

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