What Kind Of Government Aetas Have?


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As the Aeta people are considered to be a rather isolated people, which means that they do not have a great deal of understanding of concepts such as money, government, law or personal property.

The Aeta are ethnic tribe that live in the Philippines, one of many, which means that their only form of government will probably be a chief or leader who runs and oversees the goings on of the tribe.

• Appearance.

The Aeta are believed by many to be the living descendants of the people who originally settled in the Philippines. They are dark-skinned, with curly hair and large black eyes, and are often quite short in height.

• Religion.

They do not observe the same religion as others. Their own religion is rather interesting. They believe in a supreme being (like a God), but they also worship several different deities but it is unknown whether these are under the direct command of the supreme being. Anthropologists and researchers sometimes believe that the Aeta people are 'animists', which are people who pray to the spirits of the trees etc.

• Clothing.

Traditionally and only up until quite recently, the Aeta people have dressed in simple clothing such as a wrap around skirt for the women, and just g-strings for men. They preferred this type of dress over our modern clothing. Aeta people also liked to engage in body scarification, which is viewed by their culture as a mark of beauty.

The latest generation of Aeta now dress in more modern clothing such as sandals and t-shirts, and they do not see scarification as a necessary body modification.

• Resistance to mainstream society.

Despite many attempts by the Philippine society to integrate the Aeta people into modern life, they have shown strong resistance in the face of external pressures. However, an unfortunate combination of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, government apathy and increased poverty are causing the Aeta to move out of their home and ancestral lands.

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