In the Korean War, the Chinese threatened a massive invasion of Korea if the United States?


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In the Korean War, the Chinese threatened a massive invasion of Korea if the United States didn't pull back their forces and get rid of other United Nations forces who were amassing to assist South Korea. In fact, General McArthur, a legendary figure in American military history, was responsible for an epic and successful landing in Korea (with his scores of troops, who manned land-to-water amphibious vehicles). In time, China did lend assistance to North Korea, prolonging this conflict which claimed many, many lives.

  • Jane Fonda - traitor?

Famously, Hollywood bombshell Jane Fonda took up the cause of the North Koreans by touring their prison camps where American soldiers were housed. She then asked these American soldiers to tell her how well they were being treated by their captors (they were usually not being treated well at all). Jane's famous photograph, posing with a North Korean anti-aircraft gun, has painted her as one of the USA's most notorious wartime traitors. Jane was the subject of plenty of anger and disgust from American soldiers who were appalled by her conduct during the Korean conflict. Fonda has since apologized for her actions, which were apparently prompted by her social idealism.

  • How to learn more?

Today, there are thousands of ways to learn more about the Korean War, and these include documentaries, books, first-person accounts from veterans, magazine articles, and government resources. In fact, there are many ways to grasp the impact of this conflict on geopolitics during that time frame. The countries involved in this war included Russia, China, South Korea, North Korea, and the United States of America.

To this day, relations between America and opposing nations during this conflict remain a little shaky, as there are vast differences between the various cultures and many people have long memories of these painful and destructive war conflicts.

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