Are we on the brink Of our nations titanic moment?


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Undoubtedy and it's not a "top of the world" moment as in the movie, but plunging into freefall.The US economy is now in a similar position to the Great Depression.High unemployment, government overspending and overborrowing, combined with huge deficits,interest rates and reduced output.Factor in increased imports, outsourcing and selling off infrastructure and it looks like the economy is sinking all the way to the bottom.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
If this doesn't scare the heck out of people, nothing will until the crap finally hits the fan.
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You tend to find that most people don't catch on until it's too late.The blind leading the blind for the uninformed i fear.
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Definitely are on the brink off something and I seriously doubt it will be neither good nor pretty
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Scary isn't it? Most people are oblivious at what is about to happen. Some are in denial, know that something is wrong,, but too scared to believe it or think about it.

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