Why doesn't Obama use the oval office as all of his predecessors did when he talks to the people? --- Changing traditions? --- The Great Depression is only 3 days away, so why doesn't he use the oval office?


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The President might say the Oval Office is for ceremonial space.But sceptics like myself are more inclined to believe it's part of his PR progam to appeal to the electorate.Breaking with tradition seem new, innovative and alternative and suggests a different way of administration.While using the President's Study or Treaty Room instead is a clever option in order for his PR team, his aides and other White House staffers to help him out with his speeches and addresses to the nation.
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Hes feeling guilty that hes ruined America so much that he can't bear to use the Oval office where great men sat before him, as he knows hes let America down and doesnt deserve to be classified as those before him
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Joseph Michael Wasik
I, personally think he doesn't believe this. He's just following the advices of his Socialist/Progressives and Communists he has surrounding him. They're the ones who write to his teleprompter and sometimes quotes the remarks of those who are to follow him are supposed to say.

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