Do You Like Obama?


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I like all people,and Obama has not done anything to me for me to dislike him he ia a human and as the bible says as you do these things to the least of those so do you do it unto me.....good luck to you
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I think that is something that everyone in this country is going to have to decide for themselves. He is going to be a vital part of our lives for at least the next 4 years if we like it or not, so we just need to find a way to accept it.
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As bgirl525 says, i do not know him or anything about his real self(the way he portrays himself)....but as i have learned over the decades we are all on the same planet trying to get to one of 2 destinations(heaven or hell) but we are taking different paths through life to get there...which path he is on will be played out in front of the world and is not for me to decide....
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Time will tell.before we measure his head for mt rushmore lets see how he does after a couple years,then decide.I sincerely hope he does well,but to be honest the hype surrounding this guy is a bit much.Schools petitioning to be renamed after him before he took office,did you see that?Yes,its a important milestone for the country that an african american was elected,but cant the public let him be more than that and stand on his own merit w/out the messianic type build up?
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He is a superb leader with excellent ideas, don't believe all the crap from big business led republican idiots!
Just my opinion based on all the scandalous lies the republicans have been spewing out about the fantastic, wonderful, British national health service!
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Honestly, what i've learned about him, I dislike Obama because of many reasons. He is making an attempt to ban guns. This is the 2nd amendment and shouldn't be changed. If this happens, a domino effect may occur and the 2nd amendment is the only thing in the way of the 1st amendment
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Graham Nude
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Why would anybody need guns? They are ok for inanimate target shooting, but lethal for anything else.
In the UK we don't have guns, and generally we are a lot safer in our schools and on the street!
Do you enjoy killing?
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I own a gun and am authorized to be armed, but if I weren't that would not make me hate or dislike anyone else, we all have our opinions, and if I were not allowed to be armed and that were the law, I would have to abide by it and I would, guns were outlawed before the President took office........
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I think all he's good at is making speeches i think the other guy shood of 1 becausse he has more experience i mean the first "african american"(if you now wat i mean)is awesome cause like no 1 that rais has ever ben in charge and that but....
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He might be time can only tell he seems like an okay president but ya know he might have destroyed the country in 2 years
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I get what your saying bgirl525 but still i mean think he is turrning our country around he said quot ''i will bring you change'' and thats exactlly what hes bringing us its just not a good change. I pesonally DONT like him.
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The first 4 years of the Presidents term there is not much he can do, people take one particular issue and make a big thing of it, this world and country has many issues and only God himself can conquer all of them, all hail to President Obama for his stay in the white house, all those that oppose him you run next time there is a election, don't complain about it be about it.........that is my story and I'm sticking to it....

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