Does Obama's religion belief matter to you?


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Unfortunately yes. This may be due to my own understanding of the Muslim faith, or misunderstanding of it. If the Koran commands its believers to kill people of other faiths, then President Obama, being a Muslim, would be against the majority of the people in the country he presides over. That would give him license to kill Americans, not of the Muslim faith. It might put our Military in harms way, more so than they already are. I know that President Obama is a Christian, If he were a Muslim, I would not have voted for him, as it would create a conflict of interest that would threaten our country. If he were Hindu, or other peaceful religion, I would vote for him. So I would say, since we are at war with Muslim extremists, Being a Muslim would make a big difference in the way I feel about him as a president.
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Stewart Pinkerton
I guess you've never heard of the separation of Church and State, even though the Constitution is pretty clear about it. Personally, I'd much rather have a Muslim in the White House than some brain-dead warmongering neo-con 'Christian', like you elected the last couple of times.
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President Obama is a Christian, and they have the same belief.
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Not to me, but apparently it does to Americans, despite the fact that Church and State are rigidly separated by the Constitution. When people refer to someone being a 'good American', they invariably mean conservative white Christian. To most of the world, the term 'good American' is a contradiction in terms...
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It might if I knew what it was. I may care if he were a babalorisha in the Santeria religion. If there's one thing we don't need in this country is a witch doctor chanting, using the jawbone of an ass and blowing smoke. Oh, I'm sorry he already is proficient at the smoke blowing, chanting his rhetoric and has the jawbone of an ass.
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Honestly having any leader believe in a fairy tale God kind of scares me, I don't care if it's called Allah, God or any other variant on that theme..... I do not care what Obama believes in, but I do worry that he believes at all.
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Stewart Pinkerton
Well, he has to *say* that he believes in order to get elected in that ludicrously hypocritical country. It's your *public* face that matters, no one cares what you do behind closed doors. Don't ask, don't tell.
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Madmacstew, I really have tried to be tolerant of you...truly, I have. But of late, you have consistently been spewing ugly hateful words about the country I live in. You do not live here and that is certainly fine with me. You have now made it known how you feel about the "stupid Americans" (in another post) & in this post you call my country a ludicrously hypocritical country. I hope you have it all off your chest now and can find it in your Atheist soul to back off for awhile!
Stewart Pinkerton
Nanat, people like you are a prime example of what I'm talking about. BTW, I have lived and worked in California, Arizona, Texas, and Massachusetts, (also in Ontario - amazing how much more civilised it gets when you cross that border!), so I feel pretty competent to comment on things American. Have you ever been outside even your home State? Oh yes, did I forget to mention that most Americans are risibly ignorant about the rest of the world?
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As my point of view President of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama religion belief doesn't matter to me.
Because he loves his local people thats why he is win the vote and the heart both by the local people of his beautiful country.
He surely not going to partiality as the faith of religion belief.
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G'day Shujing,

Thank you for your question.

No. What matters is a politicians policies and his or her performance.

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Not really, I just don't want him to make chooses,  based off his belief .
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No a poltitions religious belief shouldnt matter. The only thing that should matter is if they are qualified for the job and as long as they dontput other religions down.

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