Do You Think That Obama Could Be The Anti-christ?


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It depends which christ you are talking about if you look at the muslim and jewish religion he seems to be neither because all they have are descriptions of him and it is wrong to draw the face of a prophet in both there religions, but if you look at christianity's christ where jesus was supposedly white because god performed acts of adultery upon marry his own creation when he could've just given her a baby without sex since he is god and god has infinite power then yeah (although now more and more people are starting to believe that the white jesus is a fake and that christianity is too)
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I agree with GodlovesU. The facts they said are clearly in the bible for anyone to see.
Moo C.
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And let us consider that the priest rewrote the bible thousands of times and any of the popes could've changed it to what they wanted
Marissa Carpenter
God would not let the people be mislead. If the bible was wrong the lord would have changed it by now
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There is no anti Christ't. Please do not think I think any less of you because I don't agree with you. But I just can not believe in an anti does not make any rational sense to me I am truly sorry.
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Have you not read the Bible? Thessalonians, Revelation 1 John? It is true- there will be an Antichrist even if it is not obama.
michael finnegan
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I would not think less of you. I may sorrow for you, though, because by not believing in an anti-Christ correlates with not believing in Christ. And just like not knowing the law in another jurisdiction does not make you immune to the punishments of breaking those laws, so are the consequences of sin, and the separation from Christ...
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No but he does his commands and he is a zionist illuminati...
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Probably not. I won't retype my whole synopsis now, but you can review my take on Jesus14199's similar question posted on May 22, 2009.

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Well this looks familiar. Fortunately I do not "believe" in this, but I am happy as a pig in s*hit my seed was planted. Hahaha.
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You did not start this thought for me, as I have heard it off line from other people. But I thought it was a question to invoke some thought, Alot of people have determined this just by his last name, others by end times prophecy etc.
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It might be true it might not so if u want to find out watch the history Channel on tv or visit their website at www.history or i think it is that. :) :) :) :)

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