Does Your Workplace Have A Christmas Party?


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Yes, we celebrate christmas together, that is terrific.
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The company hubby works for always throws a lavish party, but this year, they had to cut way back, and to keep up the tradition, the regional director had it at his million dollar estate, complete with a huge, heated catering tent over his outdoor deck, with seating for 50 people, in the pouring rain. It was a very interesting experience.
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My workplace doesn't have a Christmas party, although I think it should.
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In my
workplace, there have no Christmas party. I think to give a proposal to start celebrate
Christmas party from this year.

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Keith! We do not have an actual party, but we do have a specific day when we
all gather for a gift sharing session. During this time, we also have a common
lunch and folks bring food stuff to share. We sometimes play some games and it’s
pretty fun. That’s nothing much though, it would have been great to have a
proper celebration!

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I'm sure they do. I work for a company that has office personnel and people like me who get to work from home. The telecommuters miss out on the festivities. On the flip side, I can work in my jammies, if I want to.

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