Should there be a limit on how long a person can serve as the President of the United States? Surely if you have a President who is doing a great job & the majority of the public approve of him then why replace him.


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I wonder how long it would take a long-serving president to become a dictator? Of course, you have probably foreseen that in your question and allowed that a bad president could be voted out, but I think a third term in the hands of some recent presidents (who shall be nameless) would be a disaster.

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However good or bad. All should have limited period of incumbency. So that other are given that opportunity otherwise it would become dirty politics in unseating that person. People excel in smearing campaign.
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Not only should there be term limits for Presidents but for all politicians (representatives, senators, etc.). 

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My dad said that a US president can only serve two, terms, however, an exception was made for Roosevelt, (or I think it was him) because of the war.

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Generally half the population does not like the president (any president), two terms is long enough to suffer 

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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Two terms is sufficient. My opinion only but: I have yet to see a president work unceasingly. They barely get started or get anything done till the second year of their first term and basically shut down the first year of their second term.

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