So, who was the best President the USA never had?


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Abraham Lincoln is considered the best by historians and Donald Trump will go down in history as being the absolute worst nincompoop of a president.

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There’s no good way to answer this one Ray, as we can’t gauge what a given candidate would have done had they been elected.

I find it unlikely the best leaders would want to be president anyway, as they already have/had better jobs.

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Ray  Dart
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I was very young at the time, but I always thought that Bobby Kennedy had all the right credentials.
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The Kennedys had their detractors, but I do think it fair to argue Nixon was a much worse President than Bobby would have been.
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I find almost all politicians a bit sketchy,  so there isn't a lot to choose from. I think John McCain would have made a good president. If only he hadn't picked Sarah Palin as a running mate. 

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i am Moderate and i vote both ways and i supported McCain for US President and also liked Romney as well . Romney was the only Man who stood up to Obama in their debates . Sorry but i was not a Obama fan and i come from family of Liberals and Conservatives . LOL
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Why is Abraham Lincoln the best president?

Abraham Lincoln was the greatest and most significant president because during his presidency he carried America through their Civil War, and while doing so he preserved the Union, modernized the economy, gave strength to the federal government, and issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which was the beginning to

Where i live on Fourth Street of Monongahela Pa USA there is log cabin and it was built many years ago around President Lincolns time and he once stayed at that log cabin . I live in City limits but the log cabin is off of Fourth Street not far from me. Also i went to grade school that was named after President Lincoln . It was called Lincoln School and my late Mother , her late Brother and myself all had the same Teachers for Kindergarten Miss Marion Lowman . We all had the same Third grade Teacher , Mrs Evelyn Ramsden . Yes really amazing how history can go on.

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