Are you a democratic or a republican?


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Flora Huang answered

I’m more of a republican, though everyone I know (except my family) is a Democrat.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

I'm a Democrat but in 2008-2012 switched to Republican cause I didn't care for Obama it all depends if we have a good Republican I will switch back to that party , I voted for Biden/ Harris .

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James Laughlin answered

I'm neither and both sometimes. This might seem like a silly answer, but I think it really depends on the issue at hand. Commonly, people equate Republican with the right and Democrat with the left. Yet, when it comes to questions such as healthcare and education spending, more Republicans seem to favor privatization; and in the economic sphere, calls for increased privatization are considered leftist. Conversely, calls to regulate the private sector (associated more with Democrats) are considered right-leaning (See: Economics Today and Tomorrow). To a large extent, "right" stands for conservative and "left" for liberal. So it really depends on the issue we're discussing. Going by this logic, a Republican might hold a Democrat's viewpoint in some instances, and vice versa. Sort of makes it seem like these are really useless, inaccurate labels, no?

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