What Are Some Henry Hudson Facts?


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Henry Hudson was an English explorer who was employed by several trading companies during the late 1500s.

His main objective was to find a north-eastern passage to Asia - something he never actually achieved.

Facts about Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson's name might sound familiar to you, which is because the Hudson river in New York was named after him!

His exploration of the New York Bay led him all the way up to modern-day Albany. In fact, Hudson was the first European to properly map the waters around north-east Canada and the United States.

Other things you might be interested to know about Henry Hudson include:

  • Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait in Canada are both named after him.
  • No-one knows much about his early life - not even the date when he was born!
  • Hudson started off as a cabin boy and worked his way up to the rank of ship's captain.
  • No-one is sure exactly how he died, but it's known that his starving and diseased crew mutinied against him during his fourth major voyage to the Americas. He was cast adrift in a small boat with his son and seven other men, never to be seen again!
  • There are various folklore and ghost stories that tell the tale of what happened to Henry Hudson - none have ever been verified, though!
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Married to Katherine.
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He was born and raised in London, England.

Also, he started sailing as a cabin boy at the age of sixteen. After 7 years, Hudson was promoted to the position of apprentice.

Henry Hudson rocks!
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I believe the Hudson Bay in Canada was named for him, as well as some other bodies of water. He was English.

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