What Contributions Did Women And Minorities Make To World War 1?


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Women and minorities significantly supported the American war effort during World War 1, although they didn't receive nearly enough recognition for doing so.

Women's contributions to World War One
In terms of the contributions that females made during World War One, certain sectors like nursing obviously come to mind.

However, women also played an important role in the following roles:

  • Munitions production
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing and Industry
Ethnic minorities and World War One American social attitudes during World War One meant that ethnic minorities were still treated with disdain when attempting to serve their country.

Even though black people had served in battle on the side of the Union during the American Civil War, their role was mainly supportive during World War One.

'Colored regiments' still remained segregated during this war but, despite the social adversity, ethnic minorities were determined to prove their commitment to the United States by serving in the military.

The 369th Infantry Regiment (also known as the Harlem Hellfighters) were a great example of this - and their commitment earned them the respect and gratitude of the entire nation.
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Women wrote letters for wounded soldiers, as well as washing clothes for soldiers. They tended to the injured as nurses and, back in the United States, they took jobs in factories, which had previously been attended to by men.

Minorities took some of the same jobs occupied by women, though both these groups proved themselves (which sped up the abolishing of segregation, and women's suffrage).

Minorities who were soldiers were placed in back room jobs and didn't see as much fighting as their white counterparts, though most worked hard and proved themselves when the time came.

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