Should We Celebrate Valentine's Day?


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St. Valentine was a Saint of romantic causes, who lived some time during the third century.

This great person supposedly agreed to conduct marriages in secret, because the Emperor of Rome of the time, Claudius II, apparently banned marriages, because he felt that it was more likely for single men to enlist in the army, than it was for married men.

St. Valentine however took matters into his own capable hands, and presided over secret marriages until February 4, 207, when he was found out and promptly executed.

Reportedly, St Valentine sent a note or a love poem to his jailer's blind daughter, just before his execution, signed, "From your Valentine". This became the catch phrase that we all use today; all across the globe, on Valentine's Day which falls on February 14th, when we wish to celebrate our romantic love for each other.
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I personally don't think that we should. My parents brought me up saying that if you love someone, you should show them every day and not wait for a tacky holiday to do something nice, so that's what I grew up hearing and I think it makes sense. Although, I have just read Dipa Suresh's answer, and it seems okay to celebrate someone and their actions, but the whole 'chocolates-and-flowers' thing seems kind of tacky to me. 

It would be flattering, of course, but I don't like the idea that love is now a holiday. It should be celebrated every day :)

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In my opinion, people celebrate Valentine's Day simply because society
and media has "impressed" or brainwashed us ( just as in most other
aspects of life ) to showing and celebrating our love for the special
person or persons in our life, on this specific day, allowing most
establishments , especially food and lodging establishments, to double
or triple their usual rates to make huge profits, the same as they do
on New Years Eve.

It's my belief that unless a man has deep pockets and intends on
'buying" more love for himself or his ego, these practices of tripling
prices for special days, actually can cause a rift in a relationship,
especially if the female has come to accept Valentine's Day as the day
she should be pampered and showered in love and her "lover" is unable
to provide this monetarily. Of course, this all leads into how we
perceive and feel about ourself and the man should be aware of his
woman's "material or money" desires, well before investing his time and
feelings into his girlfriend.

In regards to food and lodging establishments, since they are more than
likely aware of the "emotions" and importance of showing that special
someone how we feel towards them, they "optimize and monetize" ( take
advantage of us ) on times and days such as Valentines Day, when, in my
opinion, restaurants and hotels would do a bigger business, gain more
Long-Term and Repeat customers and be more reputable if they were to
keep their prices as usual and maybe offer a type of 'a la carte' type

Of course, this is coming from someone who believes in showing and
telling his girlfriend or wife,  ( or both? -:) how special and loved
she is, EVERYDAY and not just on a specific day made out to be for
lovers. Just as we should express and show our love for our parents (
if in fact we do love them ) everyday and not just on Mother's or
Father's Day, so should we towards our significant other.

I also think that this "Valentine's Day" would be much more enjoyable
for couples if it was to be celebrated during springtime when weather
tends to have a bit more warmth to it and as "love blooms" more so
during the springtime ( so I have heard, read and experienced )

Now, if New York City's Mayor Bloomberg, with all his billions of
dollars, can change the elected officials term limitations from 2 terms
to now 3 ( or whatever the term limits had been ) that had been "law"
for God knows how long,  just so he can run for mayor again (and he did
win a 3rd term ), the question I now have is why can't we change
Valentine's Day to a day in April or May?

I guess Love is just not as important as is money and power.

Simply express your love and appreciation for your "special' someone on
a daily basis and forget about Valentine's Day altogether.

Imagine the female telling her friends and co-workers that her
boyfriend or husband does special things for her everyday and not just
on Valentine's Day. That she doesn't need one specific day of love from
her man, because she gets her love and romance everyday.  She would be
the envy of them all.

Imagine a man telling his friends/co-workers that he didn't get his
woman or do anything special on Valentine's Day!  The mere fact that he
was ABLE to tell them this would have them all in shock and wishing for
a woman like his!
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Back around 1700, there was a monk and a famous healer, St. Valentine. People would come from the surrounding villages to get him to heal ailments. St. Valentine, while very popular, was infatuated with a girl in the village at the bottom of the monastery mountain. He finally gave her a hand-written card and some candy to show his love for her. The villagers recorded that day as the 14th of February. St. Valentine and the village girl later got married, and lived happily ever after. Then the village men, who were very impressed with St. Valentine's method, starting doing that to impress their wives, girlfriends, or any girl they took a fancy to. This soon became a very popular method, and it soon spread to surrounding villages. When news came of Valentine's death, the villagers then started doing it to everybody, not just to the people they loved. This tradition was called Valentine's Day, and the people carried on the tradition to modern day society.
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Because they're losers who can't come up with a better way to spend money. No, I'm joking. Different reasons. I celebrate because I like to let my friends (not necessarily a boyfriend) that I care. Sometimes I forget to let them no I like them so I use valentine's day to do that.
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People who like some one , will on Valentine's Day go out of their way to show them that they love them.It's a day of love.
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To remind their love ones on the fact that they are being thought of and cared by someone special to them,also to put the  bad past behind and love rekindled.
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Only 4 waste their time...waste money....and show their cheap romance with their lover
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People celebrate Valentines Day because of (love) Love is all about Valentines Day!! People send other people roses cards candy stuff like that because they love one another!!!

Its Forever Love It Begins Wit!!!
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If Valentines means something to you then you should celebrate. If you are in love and want to share special memories then celebrate. Valentine's happens once a year.

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