Is Politics Found And Practiced Everywhere?


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Yes. For good or for worse, politics is found and practiced everywhere throughout the world.

Can politics be found everywhere?
It is easy to understand how and why politics can be found in every aspect of our lives, if we consider the definition of politics:

  • Politics can be defined as the art or science of governance. It's an umbrella term that can define the method of action by any government in power.
  • Politics can also be defined as the application and acquisition of power, either within the confines of a government or within society as a whole.
Using these two definitions of politics, we can easily understand how politics can be, and is, applied to everything in the world. Nothing is free from political influence.

  • The first definition really denotes the relationship between governments and the people they govern; the relationship between different members of a government; and - on an international scale - the relationship between different nation-states and their governments.
  • The second definition has an even wider application, and is far more sociological than political. This definition can applied to the relationships between almost everything - but especially the power relationship between people.
  • Ever since the beginning of the human race, politics has been present. We can still see this base level of politics in the animal kingdom, for example in a pride of lions - there is only ever one alpha male, and there is always a power struggle between the lions to become the alpha male.
Politics is and always will be found everywhere!
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Of course it is. Even if you have two mud farmers living out in the middle of a desert (How do they farm mud in a desert of all places? Oh wait...), who have never met anyone before meeting each other, any interactions between them will be governed by politics of sorts.

There is no escaping it, politics in its most basic form is an intransient aspect of the human psyche.

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