When Did Canada Enter World War II?


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Canada entered World War II on September 10, 1939 when it declared war on Germany though initially its efforts were limited to the supply of raw materials and essential supplies to the European countries especially Britain. It was mainly due to the role played by the Canadian Prime Minister that the country mobilized itself to go to war; owing to the obsolete nature of the armament of the country's defense forces Canada purchased weapons worth $20 million from the United States.

During the course of the war 730,000 Canadian men and women served in the army, 260,000 served in the air force and 115,000 served in the navy. Canadians distinguished themselves at several theaters of the war most notably at Dieppe in France in 1942, the invasion of the Italian peninsula in 1943, the liberation of the Netherlands and the Allied invasion of German occupied France from Normandy in 1944.

The Canadian navy played a notable part by patrolling the boats carrying war material to Britain and keeping the supply routes open. Several air force pilots of the Royal Canadian Air Force fought in the Battle of Britain. Canada was also an important training center of commonwealth troops. When the war ended in 1945, 42,042 Canadians had laid down their lives for the country while 55,000 were wounded during the course of the war.
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In the year 1939.
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They entered war in 1939

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