What Would You Like To See In The Next U.S. Presidential Election?


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I would like to see Hillary Clinton to be the President, to start all those program reforms that both she and Sen. Obama pretty much agree on. She may not succeed in many of them, but she will have laid the groundwork.
I would like to see Sen. Obama stay in the Senate for two more years, to build allies and dig deeper into the workings of the Legislative Branch. After that he should become one of the Supreme Court Justice where he can provide a much-needed balance and where he can gain first hand knowledge of the workings of the Judicial Branch. His influence on the law of the land will have a long lasting effect, and his work will also lay the foundation for more changes to come. After 2 or 6 years, as a more mature and well-rounded statesman, while still young and energetic, he can run and become the first President with working knowledge and experience from all three branches of the government, and become a great President.
There is a time and a place for everyone. You ruin a good thing when you try to rush it. What is your idea?
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I'd like to see the Republican delegates turn on McCain. Nominate Ron Paul, and put the bickering Democrats out of business. Then we can return to the gold standard, get our peckers out of Iraq, and start trading freely with the world.
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I would like to see a president that actually delivers on their claims(promises) of what is said during their run for the office of president.
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We must keep in mind that running for the office is quite different from running the office. These are two entirely different jobs with different goals, each requiring a different set of approach. One job has very little to do with the other. If you try to link them together, you are bound to be disappointed.
That is the reality.
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so the candidates can say anything while running for office but do not have to follow through with there so called programs.

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