What Cultural, Political, And Social Stereotypes Have You Had To Face?


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Well being a born again Christian people many people look at you differently and will sometimes treat you poorly,but that doesn't bother me.-legend
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Here is one that I've had to battle all of my life, but it is getting better: The "Black" stereotype (whatever that means). Basically, when I show a love for the Lord, and I am educated, and I speak proper grammar, people get mad at me and say stuff like, "You're a Black girl. You should start acting like one." So, pretty much, people think that because of my race, I should be some kind of ghetto, inter-city kid who has no values and speaks improper English. People even criticize me based on my taste in music...MUSIC! It's ridiculous. People are surprised that I like rock, country, pop, and alternative. They think I should listen to rap, but the truth is, I HATE rap! I only mildly like hip hop. It's pretty hurtful, but I've learned to ignore the comments, because I trust who I am. What are some of your stories? (If you have any you would like to share)...
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Cyndi C.
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Wow! You are a very enlightened person. I know that I'm not your Mom----but I am proud of you!.......I understand what your saying......Shakespere said, "To thine own self be true".....He was a really "Enlightened" person, himself........Be an Individual. Love God....love yourself......and love others.
If you do the first 2: 'love God, and yourself'-------loving others will come automatically..........love, cyndi
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Jeez....."you're a black girl, you should act like one...?????? Are you kidding me??? That just goes to show you the ignorance around us all. I've had to face cultural stereotype. I am white, my hubby is spanish. When we go places together people stare at us like we have 7 heads. We ignore it for the most part, but I have to admitt, it does get annoying sometimes. Hubby says...don't worry, their just jealous cause we're so good looking! Hahahahaha!!! LoL~
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Being a Christian in India. It is so hard, you can't even imagine. Sometimes it brings me to tears, people are so mean about it...but I trust in the Lord and that's all that matters.
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Being a Christian.
Its hard because many Christians before me have done things to give us a bad name. At school i try and stay away from things that i know are wrong and people make fun of me and call me the freaky goody two shoes Christian girl. Its hard but i know to trust the Lord.
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Well I'm black so people always expect me to act like a statistic or a stero typical black american. But I'm quite the opposite i like rock music and classical music i wear slender tighter fitting clothes rather than baggy clothes. I don't use slang. I like to play the guitar and skateboard. But that doesn't mean I'm not black but people expect you to act a certain way based on the way others act. So that's something I've been through before.

hope this helps ^_^

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I am a christian and those who don't believe in god think i am just another bible thumper which if ya know me ya know that I don't push my religion on anyone... With the election thing I got accused of being racist which I am not and my family never owned slaves and some of the people in my family aren't white.... So it would be really ignorant of me to be racist with a multiracial family... Anyway that is all I can think of right now...
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I really wanted to answer this question but I debated it because I was afraid of who might read it.   How honest can I be here?

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Onetwo Bucklemyshoe
It's okay if you don't want to answer. Like I said, it's kind of personal, do don't feel pressured, but it would be nice to hear any stories you may have. Everyone here is pretty honest and supportive. I won't judge you...
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I've dealt with many stereotypes over my 42 years so far. As a kid i was looked at differently because i was a "military brat". My dad was in the military so civilian kids harrassed us military kids. At 9 years old my dad converted to judaism so i got harrased by christians for being a "christ killer". Then, at 13 my dad gets station at his first southern base. A jewish yankee in the deep south. The only thing that could have made it worse is if i was black and gay! Lol! So, after a few years in three southern states i move up to wisconsin. By now i have a thick southern accent and consider myself a southerner. Yeah, the yankees didn't like me very well ;) let's not forget the stereotypes i've had because of some of the jobs i've held. Aircraft mechanic, lumberyard laborer, roofer, trash truck driver, over the road driver, hotel maintenance. Oh, then my punker looks i've cultivated. I've had mohawks, flat tops, spikes and it's currently shaved (more because i'm going bald ;) lol!) and i usually wear a leather jacket with a hand painted skull on the back when not at work. Because of my accent, jobs and dress many assume that i'm ignorant or of low intelligence. I've had iq tests administered three times by a professional (not those internet tests lol!) and scored quite high. Never judge a book by it's cover ;)
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Onetwo Bucklemyshoe
Wow, that's great! You've been through a lot. Thanks for sharing your story, good for you for being an individual.
mike carlsen
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You're welcome ;) it's been a wild ride, it's been fun and i wouldn't change a thing ;)

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